About the Artist:

Kim Druker Stockwell

I remember what it was like to be my daughters' ages. They inspire my work. Today, I love being in my 50s because there is a freedom to being out of the breeding pool. Someday, you'll see. Please enjoy my standard bio below:

Kim has lived in the city of Boston most of her life. She and her husband have raised their three daughters here. She has had a studio in SOWA (Boston) for over seven years where she belongs to the artist’s guild. Kim received an MFA from SMFA/Tufts and when she is not painting she is writing her newsletter: Women’s Survival Guide (https://womenssurvivalguide.substack.com) focused on that ‘now-what’ phase of life told with positivity and humor.

 Please have a look at her fine art site, too! https://www.kimdrukerstockwell.com/