About the Collection:

Kim’s Little Women:

There is a lot more to them than decorative adorable-ness

woman in pink dress doing a back bend

My paintings depict women through a woman’s eyes, mine.

I paint them as awkward, happy, funny, sad, naked, pissed, sexy, sporty, lethargic. In other words, I paint women as people who happen to be women in everyday life. I give most nail polish. Why not? 

I began paiting them as a warm up for my daily painting practice. At the time I had three little girls and was in my early 40s. I was also a full time student at the Museum School (SMFA), earning my MFA. We did a lot of reading in that program, and writing

While not a bra burning feminist, I have always been conscious of the inequalities between the sexes, particularly in art. I read Linda Nochlin’s Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists? I read about the Male Gaze and women’s lack of agency as subjects in the male painters’ work. Women as objects to be admired or used. A walk through any museum exhibits my point.   

So, my little women are a pebble tossed in the great sea of art. Perhaps that little ripple will add to the wave of women as people and not objects in art.